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IJburg College Amsterdam

IJburg: new island, new neighbourhood, new education. For IJburg College, an opportunity to structure the education as effectively as possible in the new accommodation under the motto “learning in a learning community.”

Photography: Thomas Schlijper, Ben Vulkers

educational building for Secondary Education, sports hall and apartments

HEVO BV, 's-Hertogenbosch


IJburg College is a community school with a diverse intersectoral curriculum for preparatory secondary vocational education and enhanced language, art, culture and sports programmes at the senior general secondary and pre-university education levels, with intensive cooperation with various expertise centres. The structure comprises three sub-schools in order to preserve the small-scale character, with one school for each two school years. The building is more than a school, however; it also provides the neighbourhood with room for a café, theatre, gym, health centre and underground parking.

LIAG took the initiative to propose adding housing to the plans for the sizeable lot, which was initially zoned for the school and gym only, effectively meeting the requirements set out in urban development preconditions for a tall, substantial building on the corner of IJburglaan and Pampuslaan. The additional housing programme comprising approximately 80 homes (23 above the school and 57 on the square) creates “residual land value” on a lot that was originally listed as having “zero.” Working closely with the city, a two-part design was chosen: a small, closed building block for housing only, and a public square on which the school is situated. Consequently, the school regains its autonomy and becomes a recognisable anchor in the surroundings.

The residences have been built on a square providing restricted traffic access. Giving the complex one identity was a conscious decision when elaborating the facade. Because of the limited space, the required headroom and the urban requirement of a high building, the sports hall has been added on the roof of the school. The facade has a high noise load because the tram and through road run alongside the school building. 

“The transition to the new building was actually very easy. Everything here is focused on what you have to do and that is very pleasant. " " The learning plazas work very well. Although you do different things with many people at the same time, it is still quiet and you can work in a concentrated way. "
Susan Roohe, Student 6 vwo

The interior: neutral, light and open

The communal spaces can be reached by the local residents, students (assembly hall and restaurant) and the three sharing schools from the central corridor through a wide and open staircase with plenty of daylight because of the double-height atriums.

Because everything is open and light, social safety is high. You can see what is happening at the school and you can also see what the students are doing.

“Every teacher is being educated here. I feel pampered. I feel that I am important here: it is luxurious, light and beautiful! ”
Marc van Gent, Expert theme learning onderbouw IJburg College

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